Impact Arts is a premier fine art giclee printmaking service and publisher of high quality Iris Giclee prints. Artists such as Bob Crofut , Janine Wesselmann , Rick Rush, Kim Gilbert, Michael Garland , Robert Giusti , John Swatsley , Lucian Bernhard, Marcel Den Ouden, Danbury Connecticut Giclee Printmaker, Mel Crawford , Lorraine Ryan , Robert Ferrucci, John Kane, Marcel Den Ouden, John Spann, Barbara Evans, are all featured at The Giclee printmaking proccess is a superior method for reproducing fine art prints and offers many benefits to both artists and galleries alike. Giclee printmaking
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Impact Arts is a fine art publisher of high-quality gicle reproductions. Offering much more than just printmaking, we utilize the resources of our parent company, Visual Impact LLC to offer unique marketing opportunities for both artists and distributors alike. Artists can take advantage of our affordable design and marketing experience to help increase their national exposure, while resellers can utilize us as a fine art supplier and accomplished printmaker. Authorized resellers are welcome to contact us about becoming one of our national distributors.

Daniel Greene

Greenes recently exhibited Subway paintings at the New York Transit Museum at Grand Central Terminal was the inaugural event for the centennial year of the New York City subway. Mr. Greene, a highly regarded portrait artist, has been painting the New York City subway system for over twenty years and has amassed a collection of over eighty featured oil paintings.

Impact Arts is proud to offer this exclusive collection of limited edition giclée prints on archival watercolor paper and canvas for both his “Subway Series” as well as his newest line of still life oils.
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Nancy Moore
There are many ways to unlock parts of ourselves. For Nancy Moore, the key was a box of crayons. In 1998 she treated herself to a deluxe 96-pack of Crayolas. The smell and feel of those crayons, coupled with her reverence for nature, led her to paint her first chameleon, entitled "Self-Portrait,"the idea being that womenin particular change their colors often in order to fill many different roles.
Impact Arts is proud to offer her new line of limited edition prints on archival watercolor paper. Nancy is also our featured artist show that will be running from September 12 through October 31, 2009 at our gallery in Danbury, CT.
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Vintage Historical Photography

Visual Impact has created "The Memory Lane Historical Print Collection", a collection of high quality reproductions of vintage photographs dating back to the last century.

We have partnered with the Danbury Museum and Historical Society to release "The Hat City Collection", now available for purchase on

Prints are available in various standard sizes, come sealed in an acid-free poly bag, and include a certificate that gives a brief description of the image.